About us

The allergy label, The Blue Label, was founded by the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association back in 1988.

From the beginning the idea has been and still is that products which are allowed to use the label are products where people can rest assured that there is a minimal risk of developing contact dermatitis. The focus of the allergy label is to improve the lives of primarily allergy- and eczema-patients. We do that by participating in meetings and conferences where new research and knowledge is distributed.

We do it by pushing our politicians to legislate so we can prevent the development of more asthma- and allergy-patients and we do it by certifying products from more than 20 different companies who sell bodycare products, detergents and the likes.

Some people think that you cannot develop an allergy because it is something you are born with. This is not true and this is something we constantly remind consumers about. Our work makes it easier for the consumer to choose products where the risk of developing allergy is minimal.

We started out with just two certified products back in 1988. Today there are approximately 600 certified products on the Danish market wearing The Blue Label.

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