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Contact allergy is preventable

Contact allergy is the only allergy that can be prevented. This makes it especially worth it to choose products with The Blue Label.

The body remembers

If the skin is exposed to an allergen that can penetrate into the skin, such as perfume, there can be an activation of white blood cells in the lymph nodes, which sit deep in the skin.

If you never come into contact with perfume again, nothing will happen. But should you be exposed to perfume again, the white blood cells will float up to the skin surface and cause an inflammatory reaction, which manifests itself as eczema on the skin. This reaction can take up to 48 hours, which means that eczema can appear several days after the exposure.

Frequency and amount are important

The more often you are exposed to a substance and the larger the amount you are exposed to, the greater risk you have of developing a contact allergy. So choosing products with The Blue Label can help reduce your risk.

Do you have have an allergy already?

If you already have an allergy to one or more substances, The Blue Label can also help you. Known allergenic substances are not allowed in products marked with our label. We cannot give any guarantees, but you can use The Blue Label as an effective indicator.

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