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Together we are stronger

Astma-Allergi Danmark’s ingredients declaration scheme has existed since 1976 and is a non-profit allergy label started for the the Danish market but now in more than 40 countries.

Through a partnership with us, more than 50 companies have declared their products’ ingredients list. This amounts to some 1000 products in Denmark and some 400 products in the rest of the world. And the list is growing rapidly.

Our partners include large companies such as Derma, Unilever, Urtekram, L'Oreal and Procter Gamble as well as smaller companies like Allison, Persano, Eastport, Quilts of Denmark, Kemex and Nopa. The majority of them have been part of the scheme for many years.

Contact allergy is on the rise – the market is growing

According to Videncenter for Allergi (The Information Centre for Allergy), at least 10% of Denmark's population has a contact allergy to one or more chemical substances, and 2-4% of those who have a contact allergy are also allergic to perfume.

The figure is increasing every year and those who are affected are becoming younger and younger.

The same rise in contact allergy are seen in countries all over the world.

At the same time, people around the world are increasingly aware of contact allergy and are therefore becoming interested in products with The Blue Label. The Blue Label is represented in more than 40 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Australia and the United States. View a world map of where products with The Blue Label can be found.

There is therefore a growing market for products having The Blue Label, both in Denmark and abroad.

We make you visible

Contact allergy is, in the vast majority of cases, environment-related. In other words, people become allergic to the things they come in contact with. This is why extra care should be taken when choosing products which will be in contact with the skin.

Our label on your products makes everyday life easier for the consumer – which in turn makes a difference to you.

Once we have approved your product, you will be allowed to:

  • use the label and the text “(Certified by Asthma-Allergy Denmark on your packaging
  • use the label and the text, after a specific agreement, when marketing the certified product

This means that:

  • your products get a better allergy profile
  • you show you care about your consumers’ health, which puts you in good stead with a growing group of health-conscious consumers
  • you support a positive market development

As a natural part of a good partnership, we are happy to mention all new products:

  • on our Facebook page ”Jeg vælger allergimærket Den Blå Krans
  • through relevant competitions on our Facebook page
  • in our Kemilex, where consumers can find Blue Label products
  • on our world map
  • in our member magazine

Together on marketing

In addition to what we offer to all our customers, we can also cooperate on a more individual basis with you when it comes to marketing campaigns or materials. For more information, please contact the head of The Blue Label, Rikke Bille at rb@astma-allergi.dk or on +45 43 22 21 61.

Become a corporate sponsor

Being a supplier of The Blue Label products puts you in a prime position to become one of our corporate sponsors. If you choose to become a corporate sponsor, your company’s name will appear on our website and you will be able to put a ”vi støtter Astma-Allergi Danmark” (we support Asthma-Allergy Denmark) button on yours.

View the other benefits of a corporate sponsorship.

Contact us

If you are interested in getting The Blue Label on some of your products, or already have The Blue Label products and want to discuss marketing possibilities, please contact the head of The Blue Label, Rikke Bille at rb@astma-allergi.dk or on +45 43 22 21 61.


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