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We react in different ways

We have carried out a individual assessment of every single product marked with The Blue Label.  We have looked at the ingredients, their amounts and how the product is to be used, e.g. whether the product is washed off (rinse-off) or stays on the skin (leave-on). Using this information, we have made a decision as to whether the product can get The Blue Label.

Our assessment helps to give you peace of mind that the risk of contact allergy has been minimised as much as possible. But unfortunately, the risk cannot be completely eliminated. Some people are unlucky enough to be allergic to substances that are not normally regarded as allergenic.

If you get a rash or reddening after using a product, it is always best to discontinue its use, if necessary, to contact a doctor.

Please let us know if a product with The Blue Label on has caused you to get an allergic reaction, and we would also recommend that you contact the manufacturer.


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