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Allergy-labelled face masks

During 2020 face masks became part of our everyday lives in the fight against viruses. Some experience discomfort while wearing them. When you choose a face mask with Asthma Allergy Denmark’s allergy label The Blue Label or Asthma Allergy Nordic, you avoid ingredients known to have an inherent risk of skin allergy.

Asthma Allergy Denmark receives several inquiries from members who experience reactions, irritation and discomfort while wearing disposable face masks, while others are worrying about the ingredients in the face masks, as these are not always stated on the packaging.

Potential allergenic ingredients in disposable face masks include latex or rubber chemicals in the elastic band, rosin, and the preservatives MI (Metylisotiazolinon) and formaldehyde in the fabric-like material or nickel in the nose clip, if it is made of metal.

We have worked hard to approve disposable face masks with Asthma Allergy Denmark's allergy label, so you as a user can feel safe by wearing face mask with a minimal risk of allergies.

Allergies or irritation?

It is important to point out that discomfort from using disposable face masks not only occur due to allergy to specific ingredients – but also occur due to irritation of the skin.

You might experience skin irritation if you wear a face mask for a long time. The irritation may be due to friction between the elastic band and the skin behind your ears, or that some face masks feel scratchy on the cheeks and chin. The dampness associated with using face masks might also be the cause of skin problems.

Knowledge of how often skin problems are caused by allergies or irritation is not yet comprehensive. It is unfortunately not possible to decide whether a rash is due to allergies or irritation just by looking at it. Consult your general practitioner to have potential allergies diagnosed.

Please notice that use of allergy-labelled face masks may not prevent skin irritation. On the other hand, allergy-labeled face masks will minimize the risk of allergic reactions.

The approval process

When our team at Asthma Allergy Denmark's allergy label determine whether a face mask meets the label's requirements, we assess all materials used in the product and during the manufacture.

This means that all ingredients in the different parts of the face masks have been assessed individually. We examine the elastic band, the different layers of the face mask and the nose clip. We also require information about the chemical substances used in the manufacturing process.

The approval process takes place in close dialogue with the manufacturer, as it is the manufacturer and their suppliers who are responsible for submitting all documentation so that we can assess the product.

We solely focus on assessing a product's allergy risk. It is therefore not part of our assessment whether a face mask meets the legal requirements that must be complied with. It is always the manufacturer's responsibility that products comply with applicable legal requirements.

Allergy-labelled face masks

If you have allergies, you can feel safer wearing a face mask with The Blue Label or Asthma Allergy Nordic as there is a minimal risk of an allergic reaction.

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