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Application procedure

On this page you will receive information about the application process and preparation prior to application.

The key point in the application process is that Asthma-Allergy Denmark has all the necessary information about the specific product. This decreases the assessment time used at Asthma-Allergy Denmark considerably, as missing information and data need not be collected from subcontractors during this process.

In this section we guide you through the application process.

We must have an agreement

As a new client, an agreement must be signed and completed before we can begin the assessment. This describes, among other things, the obligations associated with product changes, spot checks and marketing of products. If you would like to receive the necessary documents, please contact deklaration@astma-allergi.dk. If you need to discuss the criteria, etc. first, or have additional questions please contact the head of The Blue Label: Rikke Bille, telephone +45 43221661. The completed and signed documents should be sent to our email address: deklaration@astma-allergi.dk. The agreement will be signed and returned to you. You should also fill out a document about billing information.

Once the agreement is in place, you will be given access to our customer information portal: Retailer and Manufacturer portal (RM-portal). On this website you will find further information about the application process, criteria, etc., and the pages also publish news and changes concerning the label. All help documents, that you should use in your application can also be found on this site and these applications, will always be the newest version.

Application preparation

We recommend going through the criteria for the specific product type before sending an application to The Blue Label. You will then be familiar with our requirements for that particular product type and know exactly which specific data we will need for our assessment. You will find the criteria for the different product types here. In the background documentation you will find explanations for why we have set the requirements.

It is also a good idea to find information related to the ingredients used in cosmetic products and detergents by checking them in Kemilex.

Kemilex is Asthma-Allergy Denmarks database for ingredients used in cosmetic products and detergents. This will provide advance knowledge of whether we will accept and/or have limitations for the ingredients used. In this way, extended processing times due to missing data or reformulations are avoided. The database contains only the ingredients that we have evaluated with regard to applications and therefore it is not a complete list of all substances. Kemilex is continuously updated with new ingredients as they are assessed.

Download Kemilex from Google Play here

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Use Kemilex online here

Kemilex does not contain information about the ingredients in hygiene and tissue products. Our RM portal contains lists of these ingredients showing which substances will be accepted and which will not be accepted. The lists are not complete, but they represent the chemical substances that we have assessed in connection with applications. The lists are continuously updated with new substances in line with the increasing number of assessments coming through.


In connection with marketing and your own campaigns, there is no assessment of whether products comply with the specific national provisions of the countries in which the product is marketed, such as regulations on ingredients and marketing/claims. Responsibility for complying with national legislation applies only to the manufacturer and the company that markets the product and not Asthma-Allergy Denmark.

Webindholdsvisning Webindholdsvisning


Webindholdsvisning Webindholdsvisning

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Webindholdsvisning Webindholdsvisning

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