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Corporate support member

Become a corporate support member and show your support in the fight against asthma, allergy and eczema.

Being a corporate support member means that as a company for a minimum of 700 EUR a year – but more is welcome - you can join the association and help support the asthma and allergy fight.

As a corporate support member in Asthma-Allergy Denmark, you create a partnership for the future, and you help to focus on asthma, allergy and other hypersensitivity diseases. Resent studies show, that skin allergy alone affects up to 27% of adult Europeans. This corresponds to every fourth employee in your company.

In Asthma-Allergy Denmark, we only get a very small portion of our revenue from the public sector. Our work is therefore entirely dependent on the support we receive through other sources, among other things, memberships. All our income goes untouched to the association’s work.


Are you interested?

Learn more about becoming a business partner by contacting Deputy CEO Anne Holm Hansen, tel. 43 43 59 11 / info@astma-allergi.dk

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