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Ingredients and raw materials

Kemilex and Rawlex show both you and your customers the ingredients or raw materials that have been assessed by the professionals at The Blue Label.

It can be useful to know if a certain ingredient, raw material or substance is accepted by us. This knowledge is usable, when you develop new products or before you send in an existing product for assessment.

There are several ways to get this information, depending on the product type you have.

Personal care, cleaning and washing – use Kemilex

In Kemilex you can check all ingredients in your personal care, makeup and detergent products. Kemilex is a database of all the ingredients that we have assessed and our conclusion regarding skin allergy for the substance concerned. Kemilex contains information about whether a substance is accepted, has limitations in relation to use or is rejected and, on what grounds.

Kemilex contains ingredients that we have assessed in connection with applications for The Blue Label. The database is continuously updated with new ingredients, but it is not a complete database. If a substance in your product is not listed in Kemilex and you want us to assess the substance to see whether it may be accepted, you can contact us via email: deklaration@astma-allergi.dk. We will then carry out a substance assessment.

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The hourly rate is DKK 1,020 and we normally spend between 1 and 4 hours on assessing a substance, depending on the substance and available data. Natural ingredients may take longer, but we can make a deal before assessment only to spend a certain amount of time on the assessment. If so, you will be informed about the findings and our preliminary evaluation. Then you can decide whether we should finalize the full assessment.

For substances in raw materials used in hygiene, tissue, paint and quilt products, we have a list of which substances we will accept and which substances we will not accept in these products. The list is available on our customer information portal. The list is updated continuously. All our customers have access to the customer portal once an agreement is concluded. If an unknown substance is included in a raw material and you would like an assessment to be carried out, the same procedure applies as for other substances.


With Rawlex it is now possible to have your raw materials labelled with The Blue Label. Labelled raw materials will give your business the opportunity to market the raw material itself with The Blue Label. In this way, manufacturers can see that the raw material concerned will be accepted without further assessment from our side, when submitting an application for a product. This allows for a quicker assessment of products that contain the particular raw material and is thus a simpler and cheaper process for manufacturers. For complicated products like diapers and tissue, this is a big help for the manufacturers.

To assess your raw materials, we must have complete information about all substances in the raw material. The hourly rate is DKK 1,020 and we usually spend 1-2 hours on certifying a non-complex raw material, provided that all the correct information has been sent with the application. For complex raw materials for which several manufacturers must be contacted (e.g. diaper materials), the assessment takes longer. The process depends on what data we get from the different stages of production and how quickly the sub-suppliers send the necessary data.

When the raw material is accepted by us, there will not be any subsequent extra costs, except for the annual control. Here we will ensure that all information about the raw material is consistent with what was submitted earlier. If there are any changes to your raw material, the information about the changes must be submitted to us for a reassessment before the raw material can be approved again.

If you are interested in having your raw materials certified, please contact us at deklaration@astma-allergi.dk.

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