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Skin allergy is on the rise and in cooperation with you, we can work towards allergy-friendly products for everyone. Therefore, we would like to help you market your products with The Blue Label.

We can assist with your marketing

If you have products with The Blue Label you may use our logo in connection with sales and marketing. Claims on products or in marketing campaigns must always be approved by Asthma-Allergy Denmark. We must ensure that statements relating to skin allergy and/or irritation are consistent with our criteria as it is important that they are correct and not misleading to consumers.

In our customer information portal: Retailer and Manufacturer portal (RM-portal), you can find examples on claims already accepted by us.


Our logo on your products makes everyday life easier for the growing group of health-conscious consumers - and it makes a difference for you.

As a natural part of a good collaboration, we offer to mention new products:

  • On our Instagram profile @denblaakrans, where we constantly have product reviews and competitions around the world
  • On our online world map
  • • In our app Kemilex, where consumers can find products with The Blue Label
  • • In our app SkinAllergy, which is used by dermatologists in Denmark to target patients with a known allergy (SkinAllergy can only be found in Danish right now but contact us if you are interested in another market)

Download from Kemilex Google Play

Download from Kemilex App Store

In addition, we raise awareness of products that carry The Blue Label on our telephone advice line, when consumers seek counselling.

Furthermore, we offer manufacturers the opportunity to appear in our campaigns, such as Fragile.

Visit the camapaign website for Fragile (in Danish, but If there is a need for a UK version please contact us) 

We would be happy to participate in a dialogue on other collaborations regarding the marketing of your products that carry The Blue Label, for example as supportive experts in association with PLMA, as experts on Facebook or maybe you have another good idea of how to bring information on skin allergy to your customers.

Find our information folder here: UK, CN, DE 

Other areas of collaboration with Asthma-Allergy Denmark that might be of interest in terms of product branding are: pollen alerts (only in Danish), blogs and advice on allergies and asthma. For additional information on marketing, you can contact the head of The Blue Label, Rikke Bille.

It is also possible to become a corporate support member. The corporate support members of Asthma-Allergy Denmark help to create a partnership for the future with focus on asthma, skin allergy and other hypersensitivity illnesses that affect more and more people. For you, it means that your allergy profile becomes visible and with that you are sending a signal that consumer health is a priority aspect of your business strategy.

If you sign up for a corporate support membership, your company name will appear on our website, and you will be able to use a “We support Asthma-Allergy Denmark” button on your website.

See all benefits of being a corporate support member (In Danish at the moment, UK version in the making)

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Webindholdsvisning Webindholdsvisning

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