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Our criteria

A product must meet a series of requirements before it can be approved for The Blue Label.

Products are labelled with The Blue Label to make it:

  • Easier to minimise the risk of developing skin allergy
  • Easier to avoid certain substances if you suffer from skin allergy
  • More attractive for manufacturers to develop products for consumers who would like to be extra careful

Allergenic substances

All substances can potentially cause skin allergy. But some substances cause skin allergy more frequently than others. We impose requirements for substances that are known to cause skin allergy in many people to be excluded from products that carry The Blue Label.

We also require a high level of information about natural substances in order to ensure that they do not contain impurities that can pose problems. Therefore, we require that certain extracts, for example aloe vera, are to be purified of specific allergenic substances. Some unavoidable natural contaminants like metals and colophonium, must not exceed our limit values.



Basically, colourants are not permitted in products that carry The Blue Label because colours do not have a function in products besides adding colour. However, colour does have an essential function in diapers and makeup and is therefore permitted if it meets our requirements.

There are colourants in the printing found on diapers. The print serves to indicate the size of the diaper and the direction in which it should turn. The print must be placed where it will not come into contact with the skin and the colourants used must meet our standards with regard to the content of allergenic substances.

Colourants are a necessary component of makeup. To ensure that consumers who want to use makeup are able to choose products that minimise the risk of allergy, makeup carrying The Blue Label is available. The colourants have to meet our general requirements for allergenic substances, but they also have to meet a specific requirement for metal content. Natural colourants may contain contaminants in the form of the metals nickel, chromium and cobalt. These metals can give rise to skin allergy. If the product contains natural colours, the manufacturer must by an analysis show that there is a minimal metal content in the product.

Read more about makeup with The Blue Label

Substances that can cause irritation

Irritation is not an allergy, but if the skin is irritated, there is a bigger risk of developing an allergy. You can irritate the skin in many ways, but some chemicals may also irritate the skin. Therefore, we only allow these substances to be used in small quantities. How much depends on the other ingredients and how the product is used for example, whether it is rinsed off or left on the skin. To assure the right handling, we always carry out a specific assessment of the individual product.

In Kemilex you can see our assessment of the ingredients assessed by The Blue Label - both the substances that we do not permit, substances with restrictions and substances that may be used in the products.

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We must have full insight into the ingredients

To assess whether a product can carry our allergy label, we require information about all the ingredients that are used in the product, as well as their concentration and function.


For certain products such as personal care products and detergents, the manufacturer will typically know all the ingredients and send us the necessary information.

For other products, the manufacturer rarely knows all of the ingredients. An example could be diapers. Diapers are made of many different materials, e.g. suction material, leakage barriers, and internal and external materials. These materials are in turn made from different component materials from other companies. This means that the manufacturer of the diaper, for example, knows which material is used on the inside of the diaper but does not have knowledge of the specific chemical substances from which that material is made. This information cannot normally be disclosed to the manufacturer of the diaper for reasons of confidentiality. But we always demand access to all information about the materials contained in the diaper - including confidential information that cannot be disclosed to the manufacturer of the diaper. We receive the information from the various sub- suppliers of the component materials in order to always ensure that everything in the diaper meets our requirements, outside as well as inside.

With some products, it is also important for us to know what processes and process chemicals are used in the production. For these products, therefore we also need this information to be able to assess the final product.

What are our requirements

Our requirements reflect our desire to help people who are already affected by skin allergy and people who want to minimise their risk of developing skin allergy. The criteria are divided into the different product types that we have. Therefore, we do not have a comprehensive criteria document with all our requirements. If you would like to read about our criteria in more detail, you can find them here:

• Criteria for quilts

• Criteria for paint

• Criteria for paper and hygiene products
• Background to criteria for paper and hygiene products

• Criteria for cosmetic products (including wet wipes and makeup)
• Background to criteria for cosmetic products

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