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Products with The Blue Label

Products with The Blue Label are found in more than 50 countries and the number is steadily rising. This makes it easy for you to find everyday products, whether you want to be careful or if you already have skin allergy.

It can be difficult to remember which substances can cause skin allergy, and this, may cause uncertainty when buying products. This is where The Blue Label helps you. The Blue Label imposes requirements, namely that the products must not contain any perfume or other ingredients that are known to have a particular risk of causing skin allergy.

Many products to choose from

The Blue Label focuses on skin allergy and we label products in a wide range of categories, including personal care products, diapers and paints (see the full list of categories below) so there’s a lot to choose from for those who want to be careful or already have skin allergy.

If a manufacturer wishes to have The Blue Label on their product, the product is carefully assessed by our experts to ensure that the risk of developing skin allergy is minimal.

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Types of products that can have The Blue Label

  • Personal care products (lotions, deodorants, etc.)
  • Makeup
  • Detergents
  • Diapers
  • Sanitary and breast pads
  • Wet wipes and foam cloths
  • Paint
  • Care products for animals

There are products with The Blue Label available in 50 countries worldwide and the number of countries and products to choose from in each country is steadily rising. This gives us the opportunity to take good care of you in many of the situations that you come across in your everyday life.

Use the interactive map below to see in which countries we operate and the products available.

How to use the map: Use the mouse to click and drag the map up, down and to the the sides. Click on a blue country to see which Blue Label products are available.


For a quick overview, you can also see a list of the countries in which The Blue Label is found in the drop-down list below.

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