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Six things you should know about sunscreen

Get the most out of your summer with Asthma-Allergy Danmark's six facts about sunscreen.

1. Use The Blue Label and Asthma Allergy Nordic as you guidance

If you use sunscreen with The Blue Label and Asthma Allergy Nordic, you do not have to worry about what you put on your and your family’s skin. Instead, you can just relax and enjoy your vacation.

You can find the entire range of sunscreens labelled with The Blue Label under the category “Solprodukter” in our Kemilex app.

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2. Switch between sunscreens throughout the season

It is good to switch between different sunscreens as it means you won’t be exposed to the exact same ingredients throughout the season. This will reduce your risk of skin allergy towards specific ingredients.

3. Choose the right SPF

The higher the SPF, the higher the content of UV-filters – and a higher concentration of an ingredient can increase the risk of skin allergy. Therefore, you should always adjust your SPF to your skin’s need for protection as it enables you to reduce your exposure to UV-filters and the risk of skin allergy.

4. Sunscreen can remove nail polish

We understand it can give cause for concern when your sunscreen suddenly removes your nail polish. But rest assured, it is completely normal and in no way a risk to the health your skin. Sunscreen often contains oils that helps nourish the skin. However, these oils can dissolve nail polish in the same way nail polish remover can. It is rather impractical, but not a risk factor at all.

5. Keep an eye on your products expiry date

Many tend to have used or unused sunscreen from the previous summer – and in most cases you can still use them. Just remember to check the expiry date on the back of your product.

If the sunscreen has an unpleasant odor or a wrong consistency, you should not use it either as this might indicate that there is bacteria or fungal growth in the sunscreen.


6. Buying sunscreen abroad

If you run out of sunscreen labeled with The Blue Label and Asthma Allergy Nordic, you can check our world map to see where you can buy it in your area.

Find products with The Blue Label and Asthma Allergy Nordic here

If there are no stores in your area carrying sunscreens with The Blue Label and Asthma Allergy Nordic, you can check the ingredients of the sunscreens you do have access to in our Kemilex app. This will tell you if there are any allergenic ingredients in them.

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