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Take care of your skin when using hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a practical product to bring on the go and as a supplement to washing your hands, but frequent use of hand sanitizer can irritate your skin, cause hand eczema, and increase your risk of developing skin allergy. It is therefore important to consider which hand sanitizer you choose.

An increased use of hand sanitizer with perfume and other allergenic ingredients can increase your risk of developing skin allergy, such as contact dermatitis. Frequent use of hand sanitizer can also reduce the fatty acids in your skin. When the skin barrier is damaged, you are at greater risk of developing irritant contact dermatitis on your hands.

In situations where you choose to use hand sanitizer, we therefore recommend that you use one with Asthma Allergy Denmark's allergy label The Blue Label or Asthma Allergy Nordic. They are always without perfume and other ingredients known to have an inherent risk of skin allergy.

We require added emollients

Hand sanitizers are effective for cleansing your hands of bacteria and viruses due to its high content of alcohol. But alcohol also has an irritating and drying effect on your skin.

Therefore, Asthma-Allergy Denmark requires that all hand sanitizers with our allergy label contain ingredients which help to maintain the skin barrier, for example glycerin. Glycerin is a moisturizing ingredient (an emollient) that helps retain moisture in your skin and outweigh the drying effect of the alcohol.

Irritated skin from using hand sanitizer

If you choose and use a hand sanitizer with Asthma Allergy Denmark’s allergy label The Blue Label or Asthma Allergy Nordic you might still experience irritation on your hands, even though hand sanitizer with glycerin is less irritating to the skin that washing your hands with water and soap. 

To decrease the risk of irritated skin, try:

  • Using a moisturizer – especially at night before bedtime to help increase your skin’s barrier while you sleep. Choose a rich cream with Asthma Allergy Denmark’s allergy label
  • Swiching between washing your hands with water and soap and using hand sanitizer or by using disposable gloves when possible.

Allergy-labelled hand sanitizers

We offer a large array of hand sanitizers with Ashtma Allergy Denmark's allergy label.

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