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Why look for The Blue Label?

The Blue Label can help you reduce your risk of skin allergy. This is important, because when you first suffer from skin allergy it is for life.

Contact dermatitis, also called skin allergy, is an allergy you can get if your skin comes into contact with allergenic substances. For example, you can have skin allergy to perfume and certain preservatives. Your risk of getting skin allergy increases the longer you are in contact with the substance, and if you often come into contact with the substance.

What kind of products you use is also important. Is it a lotion that is going to be on your skin all day, or a shampoo that you wash out straight away? The longer your skin is exposed to allergenic substances, the greater the risk that you will develop skin allergy. Some products are used on areas where the skin is thin and therefore more sensitive, or where the environment is moist, and the skin is more vulnerable. These can be deodorants, for example, where the substances from the product remain on the skin for long periods and in humid conditions.

Experts are doing the work for you

Do you think it’s difficult to check which substances your lotion or deodorant contains before it ends up in the shopping basket? Typical skin allergy is to perfume substances, preservatives and metals such as nickel or chromium. But where can they be found and how do you avoid them?

The answer is that these substances are actually found in many places and your skin may be exposed to them several times during the day. For example, perfume and preservatives are found in different products ranging from detergents and shampoo to sanitary pads, and the metals are found as pigment contaminants in your makeup.

Here The Blue Label is a good guide. We have a wide range of technical experts who assess the substances that are used in the products. By choosing products that carry The Blue Label, you will not be exposing your skin to substances known to present a particular risk of skin allergy.


The body remembers

If the skin is exposed to an allergenic substance, sometimes the immune system reacts because it mistakenly thinks the body should be defended against something dangerous. When this happens, you have developed skin allergy to the substance.

If you never come into contact with the substance again, nothing will happen. But if you are exposed to the same substance again, the immune system will remember and react with eczema. The immune system reaction can take up to 48 hours, therefore often hours and even days may pass after the exposure and before eczema develops.

Once skin allergy, always skin allergy

Your immune system does not forget a substance once it has responded to it - you will then have skin allergy and it's for life. Therefore, it may make sense to think about what is in the products you use. This is where The Blue Label guides you.

Do you already have skin allergy to consider?

If you have an existing skin allergy to one or more substances, The Blue Label can also be of help. We do not allow substances known to have a particular risk of causing skin allergy to be in products that carry the label and for personal care, makeup and washing and cleaning products, we require that all ingredients must be listed. So even though you have skin allergy to a rare substance, you can get help from The Blue Label.

It makes your everyday life easier when you don’t have to look through the ingredients list every time but can lean on us. You can use our world map to find products that carry The Blue Label (find it here) and our digital chemistry lexicon, Kemilex, to see our assessments of the many ingredients.

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Although we assess the content of the products, we are unfortunately unable to remove the risk completely. Some people are vulnerable and develop skin allergy to substances to which allergy is not normally found. If you get a rash or redness from a product, it’s always a good idea to stop using the product and contact your doctor if any problems persist.

If you have had a reaction to a product that carries The Blue Label, please contact us, so we can check the product and contact the manufacturer.

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